Patient Reviews

“Dr. Cunningham,

Thank you so much for your kind, gentle and compassionate treatment on Thursday. Never in 46 years have I had any medical/dental care delivered with the excellence that came from you and your staff. Although it seems this is your “business as usual” treatment, you are all above and beyond! I meant it when I told you I was looking forward to my next root canal! I will recommend you to everyone I know.”


“Dr. Cunningham,

As you can tell I’ve had a lot of work done on my mouth over the years but never by anyone so gentle and compassionate. You are a blessing.”


“Your staff was great–friendly and knowledgeable and you also did a great job! I will be back (if I need another root canal) and will recommend you highly!”


“Dear Dr. Cunningham,

I wanted to personally thank you for helping me with my emergency root canal yesterday. Most dentists would have simply closed their offices at noon and refused treatment. (And in fact many had.) But even though I was a new patient, you stayed and helped me get the treatment i desperately needed. I also want to commend you on your wisdom for waiting to make sure we had the right tooth. I know it’s hard to send patients home who are in pain, but it was exactly the right thing to do. The procedure was very comfortable, and the result was great. I have had absolutely no pain from the moment I walked out of your office. You were truly my savior after nearly a week of being in tremendous pain and discomfort. I will be sure to recommend you to others looking for an endodontist.”


“Just a note to again say thank you for your terrific professional help with my tooth. It feels great!”


“Thanks for the wonderful care during my visit. I have always been fearful of dental visits, but because of you and your fantastic staff I now look forward to them. Thank you again.”


“Thank you for your work! I had and have no discomfort what so ever. You do good work! Next time I have a “toothy” problem, I will remember you. Thanks again!”


“Dear Dr. Cunningham and Staff,

I had a wonderful experience with you, your staff and my root canal experience. Given the fact that I didn’t want to be there to begin with, the whole process was just as you promised: no big deal. I was impressed with your expertise, professionalism, and your employees. I will wholeheartedly recommend your practice to all. Thanks!”


“Dear Dr. Cunningham,

I don’t remember ever having a root canal and considering it to be a “good day”, but I want you to know that you and your kind staff made my visit on Monday as close to that as humanly possible. Working me in almost immediately for the exam and then going ahead with the procedure right on the spot was most accommodating to say the least. The procedure itself was painless, flawless and brief, all testimony to the skills of you and your staff. You have a most courteous and professional staff assisting you in your patient care. I enjoyed meeting all of them. Please convey to them my sincere thanks for making me feel as comfortable and secure as possible. I saw my dentist that same day and told him they could rest assured their patients were in excellent hands when referred to your office. Thanks again for your great service.”


“Dear Dr. Cunningham,

We would like to thank you and your staff for taking care of our son last Saturday morning. You were more than kind and accommodating when you agreed to see him at 7:30 am on a Saturday morning of a 3 day weekend. WOW!! He was in such pain and he took great comfort in the woman who assisted you. I’m sorry we didn’t get her name, but you can be sure he will remember her. He was able to stand on the sidelines with his football team at the 1:00 pm kick-off and that meant so much to him. Thank you.”

Kraig and Melody

“Dr. Cunningham and Staff,

I just wanted to send you a sincere note of gratitude for repairing my horrible tooth! I had all but given up on it and you met the challange. You are a great group! Thanks again.”